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Notary Certified Copies

Notary Certified Copies


Lease Agreement

THB 7,000


Translation Thai / Englis

V.V. Certified

THB 1 700 pp

Replacing lost documents

Re-issue after filing lost report.




THB 10 000



Blue Book

THB 8 000


Birth Certificate (Thailand)

THB 5 000


Contract Lease

THB 25 000


Buy and Sales Contract

THB 25 000

Registration Lease   

THB 20 000

Registration Morgage

THB 10 000

Transfer Ownership on behalf of one party (buyers or sellers)

THB 10 000


Transfer Ownership on behalf of both parties (buyers or sellers)

THB 20 000


THB 35 000

Company registration

THB 45 000 all included

Follow link for more info


Work permit application

THB 10 000

Visa applicaton

THB 10 000 per hour

Civil Litigation From

THB 50 000


Criminal Litigation From

THB 50 000

Consulting Lawyer with Translator

THB 2 000 per hour


Translation in Court

THB 1 000  per hour with a minimum of 5 hours per day.


Transfer Ownership on behalf of both parties (buyers or sellers)

THB 20 000

Accounting Services

Bookkeeping inactive Company

From THB 15 000



Bookkeeping with VAT

From THB 30 000

Yearly Ballance Sheet

THB 12 000 per hour

Publication of balance sheet as required by Law sellers)


THB 10 000


Registered Accountant Signature

THB 15 000

Other Services

Consulting Notarial, Legal or Real Estate.  Legal Publications required by Law.  Payment servies based on deposit.

THB 1 000 Per Month


Payments to government excluding utilities

THB 1 000 per payment

Holding and administering your house

THB 35 000 per year



Providing director for your company

THB 15 000 to THB 35 000


THB 1 500




THB 2 000


THB 500


Real Estate Marketing

Agenting for the seler.  5% commission on the sales



Project Services

Cutting a piece of land in smaller plots




Application for a Project License


Application for Enviromental License

Building Services

Making Architectural Drawings



Providing Engineer Approval as requierd by Law
Apply with the building Departmetn for a building license





Making a contract with a builder





Building inspection during construction, reporting pictures etc. 

THB 8,000 per month